Going Off Road? Keep Your Tires Clean with These Tips and Tricks

If you like to go off road, you’re probably used to having dirty tires and wheels. We all know how easily dirt and other pieces of debris can get lodged into the coating of a tire. But cleaning your tires is about more than just appearances. It’s about preventative maintenance. If you don’t clean your tires regularly, all of that excess dirt and debris can actually do lasting damage to your ride. Dirty treads can affect traction and speed, putting extra stress on your tires. Learn how to properly clean your off-road tires with these simple tips and tricks.

Clear a Path

Before you start spraying your tires with various cleaners, you need to do some of the heavy lifting yourself. Start by finding a wire-bristle brush to get rid of large pieces of dirt and anything else that might be hiding in the tread of your tires. Try to move the brush in the direction of the tread.

Washing and Scrubbing Your Tires

Once you’ve removed the bulk of the filth, it’s time for a deep clean. You can spend your money on dozens of self-proclaimed off-road tire cleaners, but many of them have caustic acids and other powerful ingredients that lead to discoloration and cracking. It’s best to avoid those harmful chemicals and stick with an all-purpose cleaner like Simple Green. This cleaner is non-toxic and it won’t dry out your tires like other cleaners. Use about 25% Simple Green and 75% water. Clean the surface of your tires with a nylon brush.

Rinse and Dry Before You Move On

Once you’re finished cleaning one tire, make sure that you completely rinse off the tire and wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth. If you let the cleaner dry naturally and stick to the tire, it could wear down the rubber over time. Carefully treat one tire at a time, instead of quickly cleaning all four at once.

Protect Your Tires with the Proper Coating

You don’t need to mess with this step every time you wash your tires, but using a traction compound on your tires will help preserve the rubber over time. Once your tires are completely clean and dry, spray a bit of traction compound on the surface. Sticky Kicks is a great choice for off-road tires. You can find it at most auto part stores. Now that you’ve coated the whole tire, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess fluid and residue.

If you like to get your truck dirty, it’s important to clean your tires every month, if not every week. If you really want to preserve the life of your tires, it’s not a bad idea to wash them every time you go off road.

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